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Are you a web agency, an ESG auditor, an audit firm, a sustainability professional, an SEO consultant, an accountant or a business consultant?

Offer your customers ESG analysis and the Digital Sustainability badge of their websites.

Green Web Meter is an innovative platform for analyzing and optimizing the environmental impact and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) evaluation of websites.

Every online activity has an ecological cost. Through accurate monitoring of CO2 emissions and energy consumption, Green Web Meter provides a detailed report to make websites more efficient and sustainable.

With the automated analysis of hundreds of parameters, Green Web Meter provides the ESG score of all pages of the analyzed website and the “ESG Compliant Website” badge issued on NFT.

With the Green Web Meter Badge, companies can highlight to customers and stakeholders their commitment to a “greener” network or integrate it into their Sustainability Report

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Why become a Green Web Meter partner?

Digital ESG Assessment

Offer your clients a detailed audit to understand their website's environmental impact, ESG rating and how to improve it.

Sustainability Badge

Provide your customers with the Green Web Meter badge, which certifies the ESG compliance of their websites.

Expand Your Offering

Add value to your current services by offering smart solutions for digital sustainability.

Become a Green Web Meter partner and bring Digital Sustainability to the center of your business!

Welcome to the digital sustainability revolution. You’re here because you recognize the importance of a sustainable web and want to be part of the solution. At Green Web Meter, we offer the perfect opportunity for experts like you to broaden their offering and position themselves as a leader in digital sustainability.

Partnership Details:

  1. Scope of Intervention: Using standard protocols such as the GHG Protocol, we provide precise measurement of the environmental impact of websites. By integrating this service, you will be able to offer your customers a detailed and certified evaluation.
  2. Energy Optimization: Our tool provides technical indications to optimize the energy efficiency of the site, reducing the energy used and, therefore, the carbon impact.
  3. ESG Compliance: Ensure that your client sites comply with ESG directives, such as the European Directive 2022/2464 CSRD.
  4. Badge di Certificazione: Una volta rispettati gli standard, i siti possono ricevere il Badge Green Web Meter, validato annualmente.

What we offer to our Partners:

  1. Training: We offer training sessions on digital sustainability best practices and how to best use our tool.
  2. Technical Support: Our team of experts is always available for assistance, to ensure that every assessment is accurate and reliable.
  3. Reports with your brand We provide a robust and secure API to facilitate the integration of our platform with your existing services with the possibility of customization.